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This Girl Wants to Sue the Lottery Because It “Ruined Her Life”

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Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

You’ve heard the horror stories before about people winning the lottery only to blow their wad in an absurdly short amount of time. It’s actually quite common for some “unfortunate events” to follow many winners who go from rags to riches overnight. I think I’d have a pretty hard time rifling through hundreds of thousands of dollars in slush with nothing to show for it at the end of the day, but hey… I’ve never won the lotto.

When 17-year-old Jane Park won Britain’s Euromillions lottery, she became the youngest person in the country’s history to cash in on her luck. After her bank account hit seven digits, the teen found herself overwhelmed with her new found wealth. Now she’s 21-years-old and talking about suing the lottery for negligence, claiming she was too young to receive such a large sum of cash and now she misses the days when she didn’t have it… wait, what?

Yep. This young millionaire just found out that money doesn’t buy happiness and wants to sue the lottery for… more money?

Sounds crazy. Because it is.

Read on to find out what she’s been spending her winnings on…

Jane Park Lotto Winner

Source: Twitter @janeparkx

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