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Surprising Things That Still Aren’t Scientifically Proven

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I want to believe.

One of the biggest problems we’ve seen in the world today is the prevalence—and blind acceptance—of fake news.

Who hasn’t heard someone complain about seedy sites or even established news sources that are pushing out fake headlines or unfounded stories, merely for the sake of sales?

But what about all the news we’ve already accepted for years that isn’t 100% true?

We’re only human, and in a perfect world we’d be doing our best to learn and come closer to the truth every day, but that’s simply not most people’s reality. And if you thought fake news was only a problem for this generation, think again. Plenty of things we’ve accepted as “facts” aren’t as sound as they seem…

After all, according to Redditor mikeymikeymikey1968, “My wife, a researcher at the University of Chicago, likes to say: ‘nothing can be scientifically proven, only disproven’.”

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Which of these did you think was true?