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Wife Goes Ballistic At Husband’s Swingers Party and Tries to Kill Everyone

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From hot to heartache

Kink, BDSM, swinging, and poly relationships have become more and more popular of late. Some people seem to be embracing their sexuality and not feeling guilty for wanting more than just something vanilla. Not to mention that spicing things up is getting easier and easier with the internet! As long as any adult playtime is consensual, you do you. For those starting out, jealousy is normal, but should be communicated before anything physical happens.

Then again, jealousy is an ingrained emotion for many of us. Some people don’t want to “share,” let alone have their SO even look at someone else. Jealousy can make us do ridiculous things like snoop in texts or n Facebook, follow them around, or even physically hurt them.

Even if we do have a degree of jealousy in us, we agree to things in the moment under pressure, especially under the influence of alcohol. That’s what happened to this Michigan couple when they agreed to go to another couple’s house for some swapping action. Possessiveness reared its ugly head and one of the guests snapped. Now, she’s behind bars.

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