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Teacher Watches as Victim of Bullying Stops Breathing After Prank Goes Wrong

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Turning a blind eye

Bullying is an epidemic around the world.

Though many of us witness it and even participate in it (or suffer from it) at some point in time or in some form or another, few of us will ever fully understand what it means to be bullied to a point of no return.

What makes children bully? Humans are social creatures; does this teasing and mocking come from some innate place that prompts us to act out in social settings? Is bullying, as so many claim, just an everyday example of Darwinism? Or is it just hatred, plain and simple, that children need to be taught to stop and prevent?

If you think bullying is a problem that should be dealt with by teachers and educators, you’re not going to like the following story. What could have been a life-changing—and life-saving—intervention became the exact opposite when one teacher refused to stop bullying in her classroom.

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Source: Daily Mail

See the tragic moment caught on camera