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Teachers Talk About the Worst Parents They’ve Ever Dealt With

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Class is in session.

Over the past few years, teachers across the United States have shared an increasing concern. In fact, if there are any teachers amongst your friends and family, you may have heard them complaining about a specific group of people, and it’s not the students.

For better or for worse, parents have been getting increasingly involved in school activities both inside and outside the classroom. And I’m not just talking about as volunteer chaperones or members of the PTA; no, parents today are challenging their children’s grades, dismissing the teacher’s authority, even doing their kids’ homework.

It’s a growing trend that’s worrisome for many a teacher and school administration, and we probably haven’t yet seen the full repercussions of their helicopter actions. After all, schools are a place where children learn to grow independently from their parents, picking up not only academic knowledge but also social skills and lessons that will last a lifetime. With too much parental interference, there’s a major risk for the so-called ‘failure to launch.’

And from the sounds of it, these kids are the ones in most need of getting away from their parents sooner rather than later! The potty training one still gives me chills…

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Do you know parents like these?