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Abused Teen Wins $1M Suit Against Oakland PD

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Used by more than 30 officers, this girl is finally seeing justice

It’s true what they say: It’s cheaper to keep her… Or maybe just to keep her quiet? This is a saying that Oakland Police officers probably wish they could have lived up to now that the teenager who is said to have serviced over 30 officers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area has won her million-dollar suit against Oakland PD!

Tied to the suicide of one officer and the firing of plenty others, the scandal was revealed last year when Jasmine Abuslin—formerly known as Celeste Guap—began revealing the dirty details of her encounters with the policemen. The teenaged working girl, who is now 19, claims that she received money from the officers after being coerced to continue turning tricks on the street.

Source: Facebook @CelesteGuap

See why she's laughing all the way to the bank