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Santa Claus Grants Dying Wish to Boy on Death Bed

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"I cried all the way home."

**This story has not yet been fully retracted, but the original news source has not yet been able to verify its validity as no Knoxville-area hospital can confirm. Eric Schmitt-Matzen is still sticking to his story. Too good to be true? You decide!!**

It’s that time of year when the weather gets colder, and most people’s temperaments get a bit warmer as we bond together during the holiday season.

It’s also the time of year when business is booming for Santa Clauses-for-hire. From parties to parades to lengthy photography sessions at the mall, these professional Santas may take on gigs for the money or simply to spread the holiday spirit. But for one man, the role of Santa Claus just took on new meaning, and unfortunately it took incredible heartbreak to get there.

When Eric Schmitt-Matzen was called for a last-minute gig at a local hospital, he had no idea that his experience would change his perspective on Christmas forever.

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Credit: Facebook @Eric Schmitt-Matzen/ wandee007/Shutterstock

He granted one last Christmas wish