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This Disturbing Thanksgiving Tradition Has Animal Rights Activists Furious

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Gobble, gobble!

Unless you don’t eat meat, a turkey is the traditional must-have every Thanksgiving. While your gamgam might continually and consistently overcook the bird in the oven, it doesn’t even matter, because we are celebrating our friends and family with a feast and all the traditions that go along with it.

Around 45 million turkeys a year are cooked just for Thanksgiving dinner. Slaughtering mass-produced turkeys specifically raised as food might seem inhumane enough to most of us, but what about throwing them out of airplanes? That’s what happens in Yellville, Arkansas during their annual Turkey Trot festival.

And rightfully so, animal rights activists and many other are flapping their wings over it. What do you think?

wkrp turkey drop

Credit: CBS Television