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The Best Way to Get Sweet Revenge on That Cheating Ex

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Sweet revenge!

Getting dumped is hard, but some people take it differently than others. Some of us cry, some rage, some drink, some sleep around. However you react, though, there are really two types of people when it comes to being shafted: those who internalize it and those who lash out.

Luckily for us, this mystery woman decided to fulfill all of our pettiest fantasies. No, she didn’t do anything harmful like slash his tires or stalk him. She did something that anyone can do to someone else without much effort (or pesky legal charges coming your way). The woman in question was apparently treated quite poorly by Daniel Jones, who shared her prank with his 2,000+ followers on Twitter. Watch out! Wronged lovers everywhere are getting ideas…

woman stabbing heart with knife

Credit: Ksu Shachmeister/Shutterstock