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The Biggest Scams in Human History

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For-profit schools. Selling products (and encouraging friends to sell them as well) on social media. Nigerian Princes.

Humanity is filled with get-rich-quick schemes and scams.

Since ancient times, humans have been both clever and greedy. More food. More shelter. More fire. Over time, this need and hunger evolved. More gold. More land. More servants. And into modern times, it continues. More money. More clothes. More possessions.

But what does it all boil down to? Put simply: More power.

Even at a young age, people learn how to take advantage of each other. You see older siblings do it to their younger brothers and sisters, or kids scamming each other on the playground or in the classroom. And you have to admit, their impressive tactics show a certain level of intellect.

But as we grow older and these scams become more severe, morality and legality really come into play. People were asked to talk about the biggest scams ever pulled off in history, and they’re more prominent than you think— you probably have a friend guilty of #7… whether or not they know it!

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Source: flickr/Pictures of Money; Pixabay

Have you ever been ripped off?