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The Biggest Scandals Ever to Happen in High School

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Aren't you glad you survived high school?

The years we spend in high school are among the most eventful of our lives. It’s a strange time in one’s life: you’re quickly becoming an adult, your hormones are raging, and your body is changing. On top of all that, you’re trying to figure out what kind of direction your life should take. Your parents may be pushing you towards a nice college; meanwhile, you want to travel the world. Or maybe you just want to marry that guy from English class and have his kids right after graduation.

There are tons of factors that dictate one’s high school experience. Many unexpected things can happen, and they’re not all good things. Many salacious scandals have come out of high schools across America. Here’s just few of those stories.

Texas School

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Schools are places of learning, but sometimes your lessons don't come from the text books.