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The Body Positivity Paradox

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When is "body positivity" not enough?

The push for body positivity is everywhere nowadays—and to be clear, I am all for it. For far too long, images of a single, slim body type have dominated portrayals of women in all mediums, and so questioning that ideal is an undeniably good thing. Over the past couple years, we have seen a shift towards more inclusion for those who lay somewhere outside of that ideal, whether it’s just a little bit or dramatically so.

This movement towards self-acceptance has reverberated out from our screens, radios, and magazines and helped women all over the world learn to love their appearance. Twitter hashtags like #effyourbeautystandards, #honormycurves, and #everysizeisbeautiful have encouraged everyday social media users to celebrate their bodies and everything that makes them, them, even if society traditionally hasn’t. It’s beautiful to watch, gives me chills, and makes me want to cry sometimes—but it also comes with a very real problem to reconcile…

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Body positivity is great, right? Not always. Or, at least, it's not perfect.