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The Creepiest Places on Earth

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You should visit these places... if you aren't too scared

There are some truly breathtaking places in the world. From natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef, to man-made metropolises like New York and Tokyo that bustle with life, these beautiful places attract countless visitors each year. But there are other… less lively places that offer some spectacularly spooky sights to tourists who want a different kind of thrill (and chill) in their vacation.

Although it’s all we have, and even if it looks small from an astronaut’s point of view—a healthy reminder of our tiny existence, no doubt—the world is all we know, and none of us will ever see everything it has to offer. This ranges from the popular, bright places as well as the dark and remote ones, lying abandoned or forgotten beyond some horizon. Whether due to social, financial, or natural and uncontrollable reasons, many locations—from small sacred sites to entire cities and regions—have been left behind by the modern world. Of course, this allows for the popular imagination to take over as stories, rumors, and legends come forth from these eerie places, thus giving their varied histories a much more sinister nature.

The only question that remains is which one will you go to first?

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