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This “Nice Guy” Wrote an Article About The “Friend Zone” and Women Are So, So Mad

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Oh, Hans, this is so bad...

The “Friend Zone.” We’ve all heard of it. It’s the horrible place women put their males who are just, you know, like totally nice guys trying to be romantic after the girl decides that they’re too good for them. It’s totally real, guys. Super real. Incredibly real, and super-duper traumatic for the unfortunate men who get put there.

Just kidding, it’s totally made up and the women of the Internet are here to tell you why. The “Friend Zone” has been a hot topic on-and-off for a few years now, but it’s persistent place in our zeitgeist has been taken to new heights of notoriety. Mainly because the right-wing, conservative, Christian-leaning “news” outlet, The Federalist, decided that it was time that they put in their two cents on the issue.

And wow, did they do it wrong. The women of the Internet (and this writer) are not happy about it.

Here’s what they had to say and what I have to say:

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Let's talk about the friend zone, hmm?