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The 26 Funniest Senior Quotes We’ve Seen This Year

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School's Out Forever

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and in some states, it’s already here. The days are getting longer, the hair is getting hot, and students everywhere are ready for summer.

But before we say farewell to those long and gloomy halls of high school, there is a special token most seniors will take away with them to keep the memories of their school days close by for years to come: The senior yearbook.

Though it’s a fun way to see everybody’s (awkward and awful) pictures, write and receive notes from your peers and teachers, and look back on all the events and activities of the past year, the yearbook is also a perfect place for seniors to spread their wings and get creative with double talk and sneaking things in between the lines.

High school is synonymous with pranks and feelings of teenage invincibility, and no one thing encapsulates this more than the senior yearbook. These days, funny senior quotes from the yearbook have become popular viral shares online, so we’ve collected some of the funniest ones we’ve seen so far for your viewing pleasure!

Source: Imgur/cloop8116

these seniors are braver than me