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The Life of a Female North Korean Spy

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Killing Machines by Trade

Think Taken meets Colombiana. Imagine if Kim Mills, the daughter in Taken , was forced into intense physical, mental, and emotionally deteriorating training after being kidnapped (instead of human trafficking). Then, imagine that Kim was forced to kill for the political gain of communist leaders.

If you take the horror factor of the scenario playing in your head right now and multiply it by ten, you’ll have a small idea of the lives of female North Korean spies.

After the death of Kim Jong-nam, the estranged brother of Kim Jong-un (the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, AKA North Korea), some insight into the world of female spies surfaced. Apparently, female spies are one of North Korea’s biggest assets and were responsible for the death of Kim Jong-nam.

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Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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