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The Most 2000s Thing You Can Think Of

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I love the 2000s

How old were you in the 2000s?

Depending on your age, our very own turn of the century and the ensuing aughts may have been your childhood, the peak years of your youth, the time you truly became an adult, or even your middle and older years.

Did you follow the trends and fashions? Listen to the music? Watch the hit TV shows? I personally went through my teenage years during the 2000s, so I remember with perfect clarity the popular garb, the cliques at school, the music, the celebrities, and all the very terrible choices made along the way.

What do you remember from the 2000s? People were asked to share their memories that BEST represent the decade from 2000-2009, and this is certainly a trip down memory lane.

y2k sign

Source: flickr/John Swindells

What's the most 2000s thing YOU can think of?