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Here Are ‘Harry Potter’ Theories That Are Truly Chilling!

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Are these true, or just 'Riddikulus'?

As the best-selling book series in history and the second highest-grossing film series of all time, it’s no surprise that people simply can’t get enough Harry Potter.

But like any popular book, movie, or work of art, once the original material has been consumed time and time again, what’s there left to do? Improvise and theorize, of course.

Aside from the original works’ immense popularity, “Pottermania” has produced millions in merchandising, endless amounts of fanfiction, and, of course, a plethora of fan theories. As with any popular work, fans can’t help but theorize or develop their own takes on the source material, so if you set off looking for Harry Potter fan theories on the internet, you’ll find just about as much content as there was in the original series!

And how we love these fan theories. Equally dark, observant, clever, and ridiculous, at the very least, fan theories give us a new chance to delve back into our beloved Harry Potter in brand new ways, helping us to relive some of that magic once more.

What Potter theories have you come across in the past? Well if you wanted to know the truth about Draco Malfoy, the future of Ron Weasley, or Minerva McGonagall’s deepest, darkest secret, look no further!

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