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15 of the Most Horrifying Facts in the History of the World

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The Horrors of History

Many people disregard history as a boring subject in school because, as they might argue, “it’s in the past,” or because “all these people are dead.” In reality, history is dynamic, it just comes down to what you choose to study.

Though often set in stone (literally), history is an expansive subject that we are constantly learning more about. As new truths are uncovered and old mysteries solved, the events of the past that led us to this exact moment in history begin to make more sense and provoke even more fascination for those who read and learn about it.

And yet, in studying history, we tend to focus on two main themes: On one hand, our greatest successes, on the other, our greatest failures.

Through this dichotomy, we learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of all the things mankind has done in our time on Earth, hoping desperately to repeat our accomplishments while scaring ourselves into never repeating the most horrific events of the past— and there are truly so many of them. Even today, the world with filled with many beautiful and horrible things. What will you choose to focus on?

Redditors were asked to share some of the most horrifying facts they know, and these might just ruin your day.

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Source: Reddit/ flickr/ L’Orso Sul Monociclo

History would have been a lot more fun if we learned THIS in school...