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The Most Iconic Posters From the Women’s March

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Say What!

Here we go! If you clicked on this gallery, I can probably safely assume that you were for the Women’s March and aren’t preaching about the “exclusive hypocrisy” of it. While I run the risk of singing to the choir right now, I’m going to take the opportunity to speak my mind… (while I still have the right to).

January 21, 2017 is a day that will live in infamy. One out of every 100 people in America joined to march peacefully for women, diversity, and equality in the biggest protest in United States history. Unsurprisingly, in these days following, many people are speaking out about anything they can find wrong about what is now pegged as a “liberal” march. People are upset about how it excluded women not holding the same beliefs, namely pro-life marchers. People are angered that it was named “Women’s March” while we were fighting for gender equality. They were mad about the vagina hats, about first wave feminism, about how porn wasn’t protested enough… my unfortunate conservative Facebook Newsfeed is filled with endless complaints.

These naysayers fail to see the larger picture. That this March had no particular intention other than to create a platform and a voice for those who feel oppressed. I marched with pro-lifers. I marched with the transgender community. I marched with people both more and less privileged than me. To discredit this March is to normalize the heinous acts of society and our current president. In an act of defiance to these naysayers, we found the most iconic posters from the March just to clog your Newsfeed with a little more social justice.

Source: skaufman4050/Reddit

Source: skaufman4050/Reddit

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