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The Most Undeniably Attractive People in History

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Make History Hot Again

Humans are pretty vain.

Of course, I don’t mean everybody, but there’s far more to life than material good and outwardly appearances. Looking good isn’t a sin, to be certain, and in fact it’s just a refreshing way to wear those new clothes, rock a new hairdo, or feel good about yourself… but we all know that beauty fades, so it’s probably never worth putting too much stock in.

Except for bragging rights.

While body expectations have changed drastically over the centuries and millennia since civilization began recording such things, some people were so hot that we’re still talking about them today. And that’s a fact.

So yes, while it’s what’s on the inside that counts, who wouldn’t mind being good looking enough that history remembers you for your killer features and rockin’ bod? Redditors were asked about who the hands-down hottest historical figures were. Did your favorite make the list?

keanue reeves recinarnation handsome

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You've got some stiff competition (get it?)