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The Problem With Politicians Kissing Kids

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As far back as I can remember, I’ve had the image of politicians kissing babies in my head.

Typically, the politician is portly and looks a lot like the Monopoly man—that’s what old cartoons will do for you. And, ridiculous as it may seem, it makes sense. Naturally, kissing a baby is a sign of kindness, innocence, purity, and popularity. In 1920, in regards to presidential candidate James Fox, one woman was even reported as having said, “Surely a man who kisses babies the way he does could never break the heart of the world.”

But is it also a little… weird?

This American political custom has a pretty clear history that has long influenced voters come Election Day, but as time goes on, more people are beginning to question its relevance.

donald trump kisses little girl

Source: YouTube @USNEWS

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