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The Real Differences Between Men And Women

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What's REALLY different?

There are many traditional stereotypes that pervade society, like women wearing lipstick and skirts while men are into sports and race cars. Though, in recent years, more and more movements have stood up to combat what it really means to be a man or a woman, highlighting the fact that the sexes have much more in common than it seems.

That doesn’t mean the differences between males and females don’t run deep though. The way that the two genders are raised and socialized, paired with what is expected of them, can lead to some serious differences in the way that they act and think. There are also numerous biological differences.

While there are still many unfounded stereotypes, there are some interesting differences between men and women that have been found in studies and thorough research. Put away the clichés about makeup and video games, and check out these real differences between men and women.

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