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The Smartest Thing ‘Rogue One’ Just Did for ‘Star Wars’

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Movies are built on hope.

Despite the many tragedies and shortcomings of 2016, any year in which a new Star Wars movie is released is a good year… right?

If you haven’t seen Rogue One yet, this is your friendly warning that there are most definitely spoilers ahead. Although, in actuality, most of the newest film’s plot merely serves as a precursor to the details of the first Star Wars movie, which we’re going to assume you’re familiar with as it turns 40 this May.

Aside from widening the scope of the Star Wars universe without being part of an official trilogy, Rogue One serves an extremely important role in completing what the main films leave out. And it might just be one of the smartest things a movie franchise has ever done.

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Here's how 'Rogue One' just saved the 'Star Wars' universe