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The Things That Ex-Convicts Miss About Prison

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Some things just don't exist on the outside

America may have higher incarceration rates than other parts of the world, but did you ever stop to think that maybe some people actually like being locked up? Ex-convicts have a lot of obstacles on the outside, like finding legal employment with their history known to everyone, finding housing if you don’t have a family to take you in, and staying clean if you used to have a drug problem.

Recidivism rates are extremely high, but there are a few people who would say that they’ve been in prison so long it’s the only world they really know and trust. For those who have spent some time behind bars, they know that it’s not the place they want to be, but there are some nice things to being in this place of punishment and reform.

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These ex-cons crave a little taste of prison on the outside