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‘Tis the Season: People Discuss the Worst Christmas Gift They Ever Received

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Even worse than coal

Do you give, get, or exchange gifts around the holidays?

If you’re like me, holiday shopping starts in the fall. Slowly but surely, I load up one of the rooms in my house with all the gifts I’ve bought people, and it basically becomes a countdown until I can wrap them and give them away. Giving gifts is the best part of the holidays.

But who doesn’t love getting gifts? The only problem is, depending on who’s been shopping for you, chances are you don’t always get what you want or need.

Bad Christmas gifts can be a total pain, or they could be a hilarious example of what happens when you don’t put enough thought into shopping for presents. What was the worst Christmas gift you ever received?

People shared their worst gifts, and I bet yours doesn’t top these!

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These should have stayed wrapped...