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The Absolute Worst Things People Have Ever Seen Happen at a Wedding

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The weddings went terribly wrong

You can plan for months, even years, making sure that everything is perfect down to the last detail. All of the bills are paid, the problem guests said they’ll stay away, and pesky children are barred. Your wedding will go on with no problems whatsoever, right? Well, maybe. Fate has a way of intervening, doesn’t it? All hell breaks loose. The groom gets drunk, the food is making people sick, and fists get thrown before the coveted bouquet.

Hopefully you can avoid wedding day calamity at your own special event, but these people had to deal with some crazy stuff when they, or their loved ones, walked down the aisle.

groom placing ring on brides finger wedding

Credit: Iryna Prokofieva/Shutterstock