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Therapists Break Their Oath and Reveal the Most Ridiculous Things Patients Have Said in Their Sessions

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Sharing Secrets

Who do you trust?

While most of us may think of our closest friends or family members first, for many people, a therapist, counselor, or psychologist of any sort may be the number one confidant in their life. But these mental health professionals are only human.

Much like in many careers, secrecy between professionals and clients/patients is the legal standard. In the world of mental health, confidence is fundamental to any successful relationship and therapy; if the patient doesn’t trust their therapist, it’s unlikely that any progress will be made.

But amidst the great anonymity of the Internet, who’s to say sharing secrets is actually harmful? Therapists and mental health professionals of Reddit were asked to share the wildest things they’ve ever seen in a session or been told by a patient. You can bet that these escalate pretty quickly.

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How would you handle this?