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These Hilarious Photos Perfectly Sum Up the State You Live In

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America the Beautiful

If someone asked you what your state is most known for, what would you tell them?

And if someone from outside of your state were asked the same thing, what would they say about home?

Each state has its good and bad; no one is free from the stereotypes and generations-old jokes that plague us all. This friendly competition between states is all in good fun, but it must be based off of some truth, right?

Do you believe in your state’s stereotypes? Do you fit them and reinforce them, or are you avidly against them? As a New Jersey native, I know what it’s like to hear that the entire state is filled with garbage dumps, power plants, and people like those seen on Jersey Shore, but I know that’s hardly true.

These photos perfectly sum up the best and the worst of the many states of the USA.

idaho state stereotypes boring

Source: Imgur @Fandangle

What does your state say about you?