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Things That Only Seem Good Because of Nostalgia

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"The Good Old Days"

Do you ever stop and think about the “good old days” and wish you could just go back?

What do you remember most fondly from your youth? Or what do you read about online or in history books and wish still existed? The elegance of Victorian fashion? The jazz and glamor of the Roaring Twenties? How about the clean-cut, simpler days of the ’50s? Or maybe you’d give anything to go back to a time before everyone was obsessed with their darned cell phone.

It’s been said (and sung) that everything looks better in hindsight, which is often true. What is it about graduation goggles that makes everything seem rosy and bright even as we knowingly ignore the dingy details and darker truths? Though we only ever live in the present, it always seems like it’s the past we look back on happily or the future we look forward to eagerly— can’t we just live in the moment?

Well if you’re one of the many who wishes they could go back and relive their “glory days” or go even further back in time, you might enjoy these harsher realizations. People were asked what we look back on fondly that only seems so great because of nostalgia. Turns out the past might have stunk just as much as we think the present does.

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Were these really the glory days?