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10 Things ‘The Jetsons’ Correctly Predicted About the Future

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Are we living in the future?

Are you old enough to remember The Jetsons?

In 1962, Hanna-Barbera wowed audiences with a totally-automated, futuristic, foldable flying car, and robot-loving family that changed television.

These space-age shows weren’t new, but, debuting as the first color program on ABC-TV, The Jetsons stuck with us as the quintessential image of where we surely would be headed in the 21st century.

Yet here we are in 2016, and our world today may feel closer to 1962 that it does to Orbit City. In some ways, however, The Jetsons did get things right about the future, though more so in terms of technology and devices than actual social issues. Regardless, writer Jeffrey Tucker argues, “The whole scene – which anticipated so much of the technology we have today but, strangely, not email or texting – reflected the ethos of time: a love of progress and a vision of a future that stayed on course [….] The Jetsons’ world is our world: explosive technological advances, entrenched bourgeois culture, a culture of enterprise that is the very font of the good life.”

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