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Things That Seem More Messed Up the More You Think About Them

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My head hurts.

What do you think about in your free time?

While many of us probably focus on the mundane things like what our plans are tonight, what we’re eating at our next meal, if our family needs anything, or how much longer till we’re done with work or school for the day, all of us occasionally drift into a deeper series of thoughts as we ponder our lives and worlds.

What are some of the deepest things you think about?

What keeps you awake at night?

Maybe you try not to trouble yourself with such profound and often depressing thoughts, or maybe they cross your mind at unexpected times about unexpected topics. From food and history, to brand names, human anatomy, and life itself, these are some of the topics that feel more messed up the longer you think about them…

messed up thoughts banana republic meaning

Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Reddit

Which of these disturbs you?