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There’s A KFC-Themed Romantic Novella And It’s Utterly Insane

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Delicious and Desirable?

Once in a while, a hero of the people comes along. They may not make the news or social media, but they do us everyday folks a great service.

You see, some people devour books, but many Americans don’t read anything besides what’s on Facebook. The amazing amount of streaming shows and movies have us enchanted. Why read the book when the movie is coming out?

However, my new hero, Henry Smith, has done what many of us wouldn’t do: Read the KFC romance book. While I’m a Popeye’s girl myself, sometimes fried chicken is fried chicken, and it’s hard to turn down. All meat eaters worship it, but would they want to read about it? More importantly, how does one incorporate fried chicken into romance novella?

Above anything: WHY?! Why write a romance novel, KFC?!

girl eating fried chicken

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