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This Is Why Independent Women Choose Emotionally Unavailable Men

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Tough Choices

“I never needed him for things, for money, for any tangible thing. I just wanted his heart, his words, his encouragement, but he couldn’t even do that.” It’s the all too familiar story of a strong woman falling in love with a man who ultimately cannot, or will not, meet her needs. There are two endings to this story: the relationship either ends or it continues on, lacking the closeness one might expect in a healthy relationship. In both scenarios, the heartbreak and loneliness theme of the story never changes. So why is it that independent women always seem to choose the emotionally unavailable men?

For those who manage to be independent and also happily in love, readily accepting a consistent steady relationship, this might seem like the ultimate mystery. But the hard truth of the matter is, most independent women choose emotionally unavailable men simply because they want to.

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