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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recreated With LEGO Is Your Nerdom of the Week

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The Brick Bang Theory

Growing up isn’t always fun. In fact, it’s a heck of a lot of work. Maybe that’s why so many people wish they could stay young—or at least young at heart—forever.

One of the top-performing themes among movies, TV shows, and marketing today is nostalgia. Who doesn’t love the chance to return to yesteryear through totally new and innovative programs? Entire shows such as The Goldbergs are dedicated to that nostalgic feeling of growing up in the 80s or other decades. And even Disney is reliving its Golden Era by producing live-action remakes of its most famous cartoons.

Another show rich with geeky humor and references is The Big Bang Theory, now in its tenth season on CBS. Now, thanks to two talented filmmakers on YouTube, TBBT just got even geekier, and we love the touch of nostalgia.

big bang theory LEGO intro

Source: CBS/ YouTube @Toscano Bricks

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