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This New ‘Lion King’ Conspiracy Theory Has Us All Confused

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Et tu Zazu?!

As Disney gears up for their star-studded remake of The Lion King with Donald Glover, Beyoncé, Chiwetel Ejiofor and more, one fan decided it was time to share their theory on an over-looked character from the original classic. They proposed that Zazu, who appears to be a loyal servant of Mufassa and a comedic relief, was actually a traitor who was guilty of conspiring with Scar to kill both Simba and Mufassa.

While the theory seems unbelievable at first, Reddit user CombustableCompost actually delivers some pretty solid evidence to back up the claim. According to both fans, Zazu was sick of being humiliated by the powers that be, which ultimately influenced his decision to collude with Scar to take down Mufassa and, in turn, Simba’s legacy.

Read on and decide for yourself if this theory holds weight…

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