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This New Fake Number Will Help Women Turn Down Anyone Making Them Feel Unsafe

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Feel free to give this phone number out at any time

Back in the days before smartphones and social media, it was a lot easier to disappear if you wanted to. People who were in uncomfortable social situations could simply give out a fake phone number or a payphone number, and the offending party would never be able to contact them.

These days, you can be stalked and messaged relentlessly on Facebook or Instagram. Even if you block the person, it’s so easy for them to make new profiles to get to you. If you give out a fake number, the person can immediately call or text you to make sure it goes through. (You know they’re going to have questions when your phone doesn’t light up immediately.)

To solve all these problems, one forward-thinking blog has taken the initiative to give you some anonymity and safety when dealing with people who really want your digits.

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