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Tinder Date Turns Into a Nightmare When He Steals a Woman’s Dog

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Hopefully she learned her lesson about strangers

Homeowners everywhere are going to be heavily vetting their housesitters after hearing about the theft of a beloved family member because the teen looking after their home let in two strange men.

An unidentified 18-year-old in Leonia, New Jersey called the police to tell them that there was a theft at the house that she was tasked with watching while the occupants were out of town. The young woman got bored while she was watching the house and family dog, so she started swiping through the dating app Tinder. She eventually landed on a man that she thought was intriguing and they matched. She asked the guy to come on over to the place where she was housesitting and keep her company.

He did end up coming over, but not because he was looking to hook up.

police with stolen dog maggie

Source: Facebook/Leonia Police Department