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Boy Accidentally Shoots His Cousin With the Shotgun He Got for Christmas

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It may be news, but it's nothing new.

The loss of a young life is always a tragedy.

The knowledge that it was preventable is even worse.

But worst of all is knowing that politicians and millions of supporters actively campaign against preventing the deaths of young people caused by firearms.

Gun culture is nothing new in America; we are a country born of dissent, disloyalty, and rebellion. Our Bill of Rights came forward at a time when the threat of oppression was still a recent memory, and our freedom came at the grave price of the thousands of patriots who died for the cause.

But today we see a threat much more terrifying and real than any foreign Crown: Ourselves. Each year that goes by, we see few things more threatening to the lives and wellness of Americans than our own guns, whether deliberate or accidental.

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How many more children have to die?