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8 Top Secret Government Facilities in the U.S.

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These put Area 51 to shame

There is a lot we don’t know.

Everybody has their secrets, and naturally, the more sensitive information you deal with, the more secrets you keep. That being said, governments around the world are often the keepers of some of the biggest secrets that their populations couldn’t begin to fathom.

It makes sense for the basic sake of security that so much of what a government does is kept classified. Over the years, many of these secrets become public, whether due to an exposé, emergency action, or a basic statute of limitations by which some matters need not remain classified.

One of the most fascinating operations carried out by the United States Government is everyday operations, both in wartime and in times of peace. But not all of these operations take place in Washington D.C. or on the many bases we’re so familiar with. In some cases, the Government has secret locations where they can carry out both quotidian activities and more long-term private matters.

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Some of them may be right in your area