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Trans People Share How They’ve Been Treated Differently Living as a Man Verses a Woman

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It's for the better and for the worse.

With open attitudes about the gender binary becoming more commonplace, more and more people are living the way they feel is right. While there are still many people in the world that think transitioning is wrong, there are more than ever who believe that each and every person should live the way that they want to and feel comfortable in their skin. However, that doesn’t mean that old gender stereotypes have faded away.

While trans people face their own set of prejudices out in the world, they also face the everyday stereotypes of what it means to be “male” and “female.” What is unique is that many have had the experience of seeing how they’re treated while presenting as “male” or “female” as opposed to how they are treated after their transition. Their experiences with how people related to them before and after their transitions might just be eye opening to those who think sexism is dead.

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