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Four-Legged Friends: Transgender People Share How Their Pets Reacted After Their Transition

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Different strokes fur different folks

Stories about transitions are equal parts heart-wrenching and heartwarming. Some people have parents in denial while there are other trans people whose friends and families embrace them no matter what.

Anyone who really wants guaranteed unconditional love, turns to pets. Cats, dogs, and all the rest are loyal, forgiving, and affectionate. They don’t care what bits and pieces their human has or doesn’t, what pronouns they use, or who they sleep with (unless that person takes their spot on the bed). Most pets have amazing visual and aural senses — a smart dog will notice a voice change or a drastic haircut. A cat can smell that their owners pheromones are different.

These trans people from Reddit shared their awesome stories of how their pets reacted once they transitioned!

confused cat meme

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