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Truck Drivers Share the Things Other Drivers Do on the Road That Piss Them Off the Most

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They ship our goods, so give them respect

You probably encounter a large truck on the road every single day, if not a few of them. 18-wheelers make this country move, bringing our beloved toiletries, cosmetics, clothes, and food to the stores that we shop at. It’s definitely a hard job. Seriously, it seems like long-haul truckers run into a lot of problems while they’re out on the open road… and almost all of them are other drivers.

You might be annoyed when driving next to a massive truck, but from the sounds of it, they’re more annoyed by you! These truckers have some advice for all us drivers out who just don’t know how to maneuver around their vehicles properly.

cab of a truck

Credit: lassedesignen/Shutterstock