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Trump Called Hillary a “Nasty Woman” and Started a Movement

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"It's Hillary, Madam President—if ya nasty" [email protected]

The third and final presidential debate gave us quite a lot to think about. Most importantly: “How the hell did we get here?” Then, equally important: “How is Hill slaying so hard in that all white pantsuit?” But really, the face-off was supposed to help Americans decide who to cast their ballots for come Nov. 8 which is laughable because—let’s face the facts for once in this election—if you still don’t know who you’re voting for, no number of debates is going to help you figure it out. That being the case, it mostly just spawned some really top-notch hashtags to help ease the inevitable pain of the next 19 days.

Some were silly, like #TrumpBookReport and #BadHombres, but one in particular stood out for its positive message of female empowerment and solidarity. If you’re like me, watching the way Hillary Clinton has been treated by her opponent during the debates has been chilling. The disrespect and contempt that Trump has shown for Clinton far surpasses the usual rapport of political opponents—their interactions are a reflection of our cultural gender politics. They are perfect recreations of the moments that women experience when going about their lives, blown up and put onto a national stage. Trump is our cat-callers, our abusers, our creepy professors, and our belittling bosses all at once.

Women felt it viscerally when Trump repeatedly interrupted Hillary, when he told her to stop talking (“Excuse me. My Turn.”), and most profoundly, when he called her a “nasty woman” apparently for holding her own against him. It was these moments that resonated so deeply with women and girls all across the United States making #NastyWomen and #IAmANastyWomanBecause the overnight rallying cries of Hillary’s supporters and the larger feminist cause.

So, here are some of the best tweets about why we ladies need to be nasty sometimes.

Clinton/Trump Debate 3

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This could not have gone any better for the Clinton Campagin, TBH.