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Trumpkins are a Yuuuge Craze This Halloween

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Make America Scary Again

Even if you happen to be a Donald Trump supporter and somehow have nice things to say about him, there is no denying that the man bears a striking resemblance to a giant, orange pumpkin. This Halloween, Trumpkins are all the rage. You guessed it, people are carving pumpkins to look like Donald Trump and it’s hilarious. If you think you’re not a skilled enough artist to be able to carve your own, no problem, it’s easy, you can just throw a blonde comb-over wig on a pumpkin and there you have it, spot on Trumpkin.

Parents, don’t let your kids trick or treat alone because the Trumpkins are out in full force this Halloween and it is terrifying. I can guarantee it. So check out these Trumpkins for your own carving inspiration.

donald trump halloween trumpkin

source: Instagram @robotoid

Trick or Trump?