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Trump’s “Nasty Woman” Comment Is Helping Planned Parenthood

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Nasty Women, Proud Women

If you’ve been keeping up with the rather comical and absurd presidential debates, you will have noticed the insane behavior that Donald Trump has been exhibiting. You’ve probably marveled at the fact that he even made it this far in the presidential race. Let’s not even focus on most of the craziness he’s done committed the debates; let’s just focus on his latest little outburst. While Hillary Clinton was discussing how she would save social security, which is currently running out, by raising taxes on the rich, she took a jab at Trump saying that he would be paying it since he was rich, if he couldn’t figure out how he could shirk paying the tax. Hey, it’s not unwarranted. Donald has praised himself for paying little to no money in taxes and basically taking money away from the middle class by declaring bankruptcies. In fact, he said that taking advantage of the tax code in order to not pay his fair share made him smart. So it wasn’t so much of an insult as a prediction of what he will do come tax season.

After Hillary poked at him, Trump felt the need to talk over her, as he does about every five seconds then whines that he doesn’t get as much time as her to speak, then called her “a nasty woman.” Well sorry, Donald, but your antics are so absolutely petulant, that you’re laughable. And your little comment has backfired on you in a spectacular way.

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Nasty women everywhere are getting loud and proud