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TV Crew Member Hilariously Fails to Hide After Being Caught Live on Air

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Spot the Feet

I think it’s fair to say that everybody feels stressed and under pressure at work. And I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way: at the very least, I hope your work finds fun and invigorating ways to challenge you in your day to day life.

But for some people, work can be an extremely high stakes environment with no room for error. This is especially true for people who only get one shot to do something right. While you may be thinking of finance or public relations, my mind goes towards people who perform live, whether on camera or in front of an audience (or both). Specifically, I’m thinking of actors, newscasters, and other reporters.

If you’ve ever watched news blooper compilations—which I sincerely hope you have—then you know just how devastating and hilarious making a mistake live on air can be. But sometimes, it’s not even the people who are supposed to be in front of the camera who make the biggest impact. Just see what happened to this poor woman on TV this morning…

bbc breakfast crew member caught on camera

Credit: BBC via Twitter/BBCBreakfast