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Twitter Is Going Rogue With Alternative Accounts to Combat Trump

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We're entering a brave new world of alternate reality.

He may like to rely on “alternative facts,” but the federally-funded services that run our country are more keen on using actual facts. That’s what made President Donald Trump so mad that he ordered some tweets from government-run pages deleted. It all started when The National Park Service decided to show the real crowd size difference from when Obama took office and when Trump was taking office, and he got mad that the side-by-side photos showed far less people for his inauguration.

The Department of the Interior suspended their Twitter activity while Donald Trump was still free to tweet anything he felt like, which ruffled the feathers of those who had been “gagged,” so, like true Americans, they rebelled and set up new rogue accounts so that they could fight “alternative” facts with facts.

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These are the sites that you may want to follow before they get shut down.