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Twitter Roasts ‘The Atlantic’ After Headline: “Millennials Hate Groceries”

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Millennial Twitter goes after groceries, 'The Atlantic,' and the world

Any way you slice it, Millennials get a bad rap these days. Somehow, Americans born between 1981 and 1997 get the blame for basically anything and everything “wrong” with society despite the fact that many of us have barely been adults long enough to vote in more than one election (two, come Tuesday). A few days ago, Millennial habits were once again thrust into the spotlight for their apparently inherent awfulness.

This past Tuesday, The Atlantic published a piece on food spending trends in response to a similar piece from the Wall Street Journal. While The Atlantic’s take was slightly critical of the previous WSJ piece, “Grocers Feel Chills From Millennials,” it decided to buy into the Millennial-critical madness anyway. For reasons that I don’t think anyone understands, The Atlantic decided to go with the title it “Why Do Millennials Hate Groceries?” despite that fact that the article is about how the blame for the shift surrounding food spending shouldn’t really be on Millennials at all.

After posting the article, Twitter users got to doing what they do best: roasting everyone involved. Let’s look at what Millennial Twitter has to say about their generation’s deep hatred for groceries, shall we?

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Being a Millennial is hard, but maybe this will make you feel better!