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This Is the World’s Ugliest Color. Here’s Why It Matters.

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"Dirty tar death." NICE!

What’s your favorite color?

While the lifelong most popular colors are your run-of-the-mill blues, greens, reds, and purples, lately other shades have been coming into vogue and dominating the worlds of fashion and interior design. Black and grey are everywhere, Pantone’s 2017 color of the was this springy shade of yellow-green, and fashion is getting ever bolder.

But what about the colors we don’t like to talk about? Or the colors you would never dream of painting your walls?

Meet Pantone 448 C, also known as “opaque couché.” P.S.: “couché” is French for layer or, more appropriately in this case, diaper.

old man smoking pantone 448 c ugliest color

Credit: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images/ Pantone

But it serves an important purpose